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Why Even Elementary Schools Should Have School Mascots

When you think about school mascots, you might think about them at a high school or college level. In fact, many middle schools do not have a mascot at all. However, even schools with younger students can benefit from having a school mascot. These are a few reasons why you should consider looking for custom mascot costumes and implementing a mascot at your local elementary school. Learn more information and find additional resources at the Loonie Times website.

The Kids Love It

It’s all about the kids, and you might be surprised by just how excited some of the students at your elementary school might be about the idea of having a school mascot. It can be a great way to get the kids excited and to reward them for all of the hard work that they have been doing this school year.

It Can Boost School Spirit

It’s always a good idea if students, parents, teachers and people in the community are excited about and proud of the local school. One good way to boost school spirit throughout the school and in the community as a whole is by bringing in a great mascot. You might just be surprised by the difference that it can make in regards to the school spirit for your local elementary school.

It Can Improve School Events

Some school events, such as PTA meetings and assemblies, can sometimes get quite boring for students, teachers and parents alike. One good way to brighten up various types of school events is to bring in a mascot who can entertain everyone.

A school mascot won’t just improve the more boring and subdued events at your school, either. The mascot can also attend all sorts of school events, including field day, book fairs, sporting events and more. No matter what type of event your school might have planned, however, including the mascot can be a great way to make that event a whole lot more exciting and a whole lot more fun for everyone who is there.

It Can Make Your School More Memorable

Many elementary schools are rather forgettable. If you want your local school to be something that people will remember, bringing in a mascot can be a great way to do so. Then, even if people don’t actually remember the name of the school, they might just remember the mascot.

As you can see, if your child’s elementary school or the elementary school that you work at does not currently have a mascot, it could be a great way to implement one. You could even come up with a few ideas and allow the students to vote on their favorite. Then, you can look into having a custom mascot costume made for the new mascot.

How Bad Credit Can Negatively Affect Your Life

Having bad credit might not seem like a big deal, but it can affect your life in more ways than you probably realize. Luckily, credit counselling can help you bring your credit score up so that you don’t have to deal with these issues. These are some of the potential problems that you might face if you don’t do something about your bad credit score.

It Can Be Difficult to Find a Job

One effect of bad credit that you might not be aware of is the fact that it can actually affect your ability to get a job. A lot of people don’t realize this, but some employers do run credit checks on their potential employees. This is especially common in the financial sector, but it can be possible in other industries as well. You probably don’t want to get turned down for your dream job because of your credit score, but this is exactly what could happen if you don’t do something to improve your credit.

Finding Housing Can Be a Challenge

One of the biggest effects that a low credit score can have on your life is the fact that it can make it difficult for you to find housing. Of course, you might already know that getting approved for a mortgage so that you can buy a house of your own is pretty much out of the question. However, you might not realize the fact that it could be very difficult for you to find a place to rent when you have bad credit as well. Even if you are thinking about moving in as a roommate with someone else, you might still have to undergo a credit check before you can get approved.

Buying a Car Can Be Tricky

Another bad thing about having bad credit is the fact that it can make buying a car difficult unless you have the cash to buy it outright. Many lenders require borrowers to have decent credit in order to get qualified for a car loan, so you might have a hard time buying a decent car until you improve your credit score.

You Can End Up Paying More for Everything

Even if you are able to get approved for a loan with bad credit, you will generally end up having to pay much more in interest rates and fees. This means that your bad credit score can end up being incredibly costly.

As you can see, there are various ways that bad credit can negatively affect your life. If you have a low credit score and have not yet thought about credit counselling, it might just be something that you will want to look into. Then, you can help avoid these issues. For more information, At Ease Credit Management Solutions is a helpful website with additional resources.

Five Tools That Keep Your Business Secure

In this day and age, business owners have to take extra steps to ensure that their businesses remain safe at all times. The following are five tools that you can start using in your business to ensure that you and your employees are safe at all times.

Digital Locks

Digital lock installation is one of the first things you can do to protect your business and everything in it. Digital locks are much more secure than the old-school locks that advanced robbers can pick. You can contact a specialist today who can talk to you about the various packages and prices.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are other tools that you can use to protect yourself as well as your assets. The cameras can keep your customers from being harmed, as well. A wide variety of cameras exists, and each camera has unique features. The one you end up buying depends on your needs. Generally, you should buy a camera that will allow you to view every room within the business that is legal to view. It will keep you up to date on everything that is going on within your establishment.

Security Guards

Security guards can be a huge help if you own a large store on a large property. You can hire armed or unarmed guards to ensure that anyone who enters your establishment is safe and unarmed. Alternatively, you could just use them just to keep the peace if things ever get out of hand. Security guard software can help you keep track of where your guards are at times. You will never have to to worry if you have a good program intact.

Virus Protection

Virus protection is something that many business owners overlook, and then they have severe security breaches in their computer system later. You should invest heavily in the most effective virus protection program to ensure that your business’s information remains secure. Additionally, you want to ensure that your consumers’ information remains secure, as well. Some programs are available for free, but you should do whatever it takes to ensure that you purchase the best possible program.

Defensive Weapons

Finally, you may want to have some defensive weapons on the premises. First, ensure that the laws permit you to have such items inside of your business establishment. Secondly, you must ensure that you only use such items for self-defense. Examples of some items that you could use are tasers, stun guns, mace and pepper spray. Such items should only be used in an emergency when your life or the life of one of your patrons is severely in jeopardy.

Use this information to ensure that security is tight around your establishment. Your employees and customers will appreciate it. The Silvertrac Software, Inc. website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim When the Action Was Unintentional?

After an injury accident, many people want to do what is fair and just for all involved, and because of this, many people struggle with issues of negligence. A negligent action may have seemingly been unintentional by the other party, but it nonetheless resulted in an injury or worse. In addition to the pain and suffering you experienced, you may have also been financially impacted by the incident. With a closer look at this area of the law, you may be able to better determine if you want to move forward with your case and hire a personal injury lawyer.

Determining Who Was at Fault
The first factor to consider when you may have a personal injury lawsuit is to determine who was at fault. While it may not initially appear that anyone was specifically at fault for a negligence event, there actually usually is fault for these events. For example, if a homeowner knew that his dog had a tendency to bite others and he failed to fix a hole in his fence where the dog escaped into the general public, this homeowner may be proven to be at fault due to his negligence. If a business failed to clean a wet spill on a floor that resulted in a slip and fall accident, the corporate entity may be to blame, or an individual worker who was aware of the spill may be to blame. In both cases, the individuals and entities may have insurance coverage to pay for liability cases.

Understanding the Impact of Negligence
Some people are initially opposed to hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent them with a legal matter in the case of negligence because they feel that the entire event was an accident and that nobody was to blame. However, negligence is a matter of an individual intentionally overlooking something important that resulted in the accident. This is not a matter of an accident that just happened, and instead, it is an accident that happened because someone else failed to act in the right way given specific circumstances.

Estimating the Financial Cost of the Incident to You
Another point to think about is the financial cost of the incident. The other party intentionally was negligent, and their inaction could have resulted in thousands of dollars or more in medical bills, lost wages, property repairs or even funeral expenses. When you tally up the total cost, the figure can be staggering.

A personal injury lawyer can answer all of your questions about negligence and can help you to determine if you have a case worth pursuing in court. You can set up an appointment for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer today. The information on the Claim Accident website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

Home Health Care is a Reliable and Affordable Solution

Individuals with long-term illness, injuries, or disability enjoy the control and convenience of receiving health care from the comfort of their homes. Home health care is cost effective, flexible, and as effective as care offered in skilled nursing facilities or hospitals. In one way or another, home care has existed for nearly 200 years and continues to expand, offering specialized and reliable medical care to individuals at home.

Types of professional home health services

• Managing acute illness and monitoring unstable health status

• Injections

• Skilled care for surgical wounds or pressure sores

• Nutrition or intravenous therapy

• Educating patients and family caregivers

The relevance of home care

1. Access to reliable health care at home

With in-home care, the patients can stay in their homes and receive nursing care, instead of going to the doctor’s office or hospital on a regular basis for every medical intervention required. A reputable nursing agency will be responsible for addressing the complicated medical needs of patients.

2. Provision of help with activities of daily living

Home health care services allow patients to receive daily assistance with the personal care they require, upholding their dignity, and living a quality life. Activities of daily living may range from bathing, cleaning, to medication reminders.

3. Management of medication

Individuals who are on multiple prescriptions can get confused when managing their medications and, as a result, compromise their health. Fortunately, home care providers can make sure that the patient is taking the right medications at the specified time to manage health conditions and avert harmful drug interactions.

4. Provision of effective dieting and nutrition plan

Adults aged 65 and above, individuals with chronic illness, and those freshly discharged from a health care facility have a high likelihood of being nutritionally at-risk. Aging, illness, severe injuries, and bed rest can trigger a rapid weight loss. Home care professionals may prepare an ideal dieting and nutrition program to help the patient to recover from the illness. They can also provide nutritional counseling as well as home-cooked meals to protect the client against malnutrition.

What to expect from a home nursing agency

Valid license and certification: A reliable home care agency must hold a valid license. It should have highly trained and certified nurses. Additionally, the nurses should be members of at least one recognized association.

A comprehensive service menu: The Nursing agency must offer a broad range of services that suits the needs or demands of the patient. The nurses should update the doctor and family caregiver on the progress of the patient.

Provision of a written plan: Nurses should document every visit, activity, and treatment, and issue a copy of the documentation to the patient or family caregiver.

Home health care is a brilliant strategy for allowing patients to recover, heal, or receive special care and treatment in their homes. These processes require the assistance of a competent home care provider. In addition, home care minimizes unavoidable readmission to a medical facility. For more information, please check out the BrightStar Care website.

5 Marketing Strategies that are Perfect for Small Businesses with Limited Budgets

Managing cash flow and controlling the budget is a constant source of challenge for small business owners. But just because you don’t have a lot of capital to invest into your business doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your business. There are numerous no cost or low cost marketing strategies you can use to establish your brand, open up new revenue streams, and gain new business allies.

  Joint Ventures

A joint venture is basically a strategy where you team up with another business for a mutual benefit. One example is a pet obedience training company teaming up with a veterinarian to cross promote each other’s services. Another example is a wedding planner teaming up with a florist. To make this strategy work, you need to find a small business that serves the same audience as you but isn’t direct competing with you. The goal is to set up a win-win business so that both parties can grow their businesses. For more business resources, you may do additional research at the Ontario Centres of Excellence website for more information.

 Content Marketing

One of the best ways to establish yourself online is through great content. By creating great content and pushing it out to relevant and reputable blogs, you can start to get your name out there and establish your authority while building your brand. To make this strategy work, you really need to create content that wows your target audience. By constantly outing great content, you may even become a regular writer for a blog network or well-known blog.

Social Media

Social media works synergistically with content marketing as it can serve as a distribution channel to get your work. With social media you can build followers for your brand and get the word out there about your products and services. But what makes social media really powerful is the ability to connect with influencers and teaming up with them to promote your content and consequently, your brand.

 Targeted Website Advertising

One of the best ways to promote your website is to find smaller websites to advertise on. There are websites that are getting a respectable amount of traffic with very few sponsors. Finding and contacting the website owners can be one of the most affordable ways to promote your business. You may find that paying a monthly sponsorship fee will help you generate leads at a far lower cost than advertising on Google or Facebook.


Referral and Reward Programs

One of the best ways to bring in new business is to leverage your customers by creating referral and reward programs. You want to make it easy for your customers to refer you and get compensated for bringing in new business. You also want to keep your customers coming back by offering them rewards for their loyalty. What makes these strategies work is ensuring that the compensation and rewards are respectable as opposed to something many people will shrug off.

4 Ways to Prepare a Loved One for Home Health Care

Caring for an elderly or chronically ill family member can be exhausting, especially if you hold a job outside the home or have other responsibilities. A home health care nursing agency can provide significant help to ensure your loved one is well cared for, easing your concerns and allowing you to keep up with other demands. However, sometimes homebound elders become anxious when faced with the prospect of strangers coming into the home to care for them. Here are a few suggestions to help relieve their worries for a smooth transition.

Explain the need.

If your loved one can communicate clearly, help her to understand the ways in which a home health care nursing agency can provide needed assistance. Explain your work schedule or other responsibilities, such as children, so that your family member understands how agency employees can assist with things like personal care or doctor visits. You can also point out that the care will be on an as-needed basis, not around the clock, and that you will still be providing assistance much of the time.

Describe the help.

After discussing your family member’s specific needs with agency staff, tell your loved one about the type of help that will be provided by the agency member. If the nursing staff employee will do things a little differently, for example, bedside bathing rather than a tub bath or shower, explain that so your relative will not be alarmed by changes in the daily routine. Describe and introduce the agency staff members who will be helping: “Mrs. Miller has three grown children and lives within a few miles from here. She will be helping two days a week between 9 and 6 until I get home from work.”

Provide a buffer.

If possible, arrange to be at home with your relative for the first visit or two by the agency staff member. You can answer questions or offer suggestions for doing things the way your loved one prefers, when possible, to facilitate the transition.

Monitor at first.

Some families install a webcam in a loved one’s room or home so they can monitor agency help and the relative’s response. If a camera is not feasible, try to pop in during lunch to see how things are going. Be available by phone or text to answer questions, if needed. If disagreements arise, have those conversations away from your family member to avoid distressing her.

Caring for a feeble, ill, or aging family member can be wearing on the caregivers. Agency nursing support offers a welcome reprieve from the demands of daily care. Try tips like those above to ensure a smooth connection between your loved one and home health care employees. Visit BrightStar Care for additional resources on their website.

More Cremations Expected in 2017 at Canadian Funeral Homes

The next time someone passes away in Nova Scotia, the funeral home will likely perform a cremation and a very short memorial. According to a January 2017 report published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, cremation is vastly surpassing burials as families in Nova Scotia are concerned about the costs of honoring the memories of their dearly departed.

The CBC report found that the cost of cremation and related posthumous services will greatly vary from one funeral home to another. The range is between CAD $1,200 to $5,500 before taxes. The minimum service offered is called a basic or direct cremation, and what is rendered for this package will depend on the funeral home.

What Cremation Entails

The funeral home industry has a difficult time educating the public about the afterlife. According to a funeral home director interviewed by the CBC, most families tend to be unprepared when their loved ones pass away; Canadian society tends to celebrate life and has an unconscious desire to block out the thought of someone shuffling off this mortal coil.

What Canadian families should know is that basic packages include transportation, paperwork completion and filing, cremation, one original death certificate, and a cardboard urn to hold the ashes temporarily. In some cases, death benefits from the Canada Pension Plan or from Veterans Affairs may be available, and the funeral home may provide assistance with making the proper claims.

At a time when the effects of the global financial crisis are still being felt across many regions of Canada, it is important to keep in mind that burial plots are not something that everyone will be able to afford. In fact, cremations are expected to become even more common from now until the end of the decade.

Information for Roman Catholics

In 2006, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops clarified the issue of how the Church views the practice of cremation.

While it is true that the Roman Catholic faith at one point prohibited cremations, that is no longer the case. Burial is an ancient Christian practice adopted from Jewish customs that underscore reverence for the dead. Since the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, proper Catholic burial became a way to honor this belief.

Since 1984, the Catholic Church in Canada has been granted the practice of celebrating the liturgy with cremated remains present. This means that cremation is a practice compatible with the Catholic faith. In general, the local parish should be approached when one of their faithful passes away; there may be an opportunity to organize a funeral liturgy before cremation takes place, and the congregation may even help with the entombment of the ashes. Visit Aftercare Cremation & Burial Service for more information and resources.

BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis pledges $20M to Wilfrid Laurier University program

Waterloo. BlackBerry founder and philanthropist Mike Lazaridis has pledged $20 million to Wilfrid Laurier University located in Waterloo, ON, to create a management institute that will support the growth of a globally competitive technology industry in Canada.
The Ontario government is providing $15 million to support the initiative, announced in last Thursday’s provincial budget.
Together, this $35-million investment in Laurier represents a shared vision in which Lazaridis, the province and the university are working together to strengthen Ontario’s high-tech industry by improving the managerial leadership of Canadian technology enterprises.

Ontario Municipal Elections October 2014

Ontario residents will be going to the polls on October 27th and will be voting after 4 years for the:

  • City/Township Mayors and Councillors
  • Regional Chair and representatives at the Regional Council
  • School Board Trustees

All-Candidates Session
How To Organize a Participatory All-Candidate Session.
The chart gives an overview of the responsibilities held by different levels of municipal government, as well as those shared with the provincial government
City of Kitchener
City of Waterloo
City of Cambridge
Township of North Dumfries
Township of Wellesley
Township of Wilmot
Township of Woolwich
Region of Waterloo Council
Waterloo Region District School Board
Waterloo Catholic District School Board
Conseil scolaire Viamonde
Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud