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BBM poses “small” risk from Heartbleed on Smartphones

Waterloo, ON. A statement from the Waterloo, Ontario -based company says investigations have found no problems from Heartbleed on Blackberry smartphones and servers, which are ‘fully protected from the OpenSSL issue.’

A representant for BlackBerry was unable to confirm whether BlackBerry would issue a software update to fix the security issues with BBM on Android and iPhone devices. BlackBerry says Apple Android and iPhone devices running chat software BlackBerry Messenger face an ‘extremely small’ risk from the Heartbleed software bug. This bug is caused by a flaw in OpenSSL software, that is used on the Internet to provide security and privacy.

BBM or BlackBerry Messenger was created originally for the company’s own products, but BlackBerry released software which made the app available to users on Android and iPhone devices. There are different versions which run on non-BlackBerry smartphones don’t have the same security standards as a phone connected to its enterprise servers. Those are the backbone of the company’s security features.

But it warned that hacker attacks were possible on these other versions of BBM although they would be ‘extremely difficult to execute,’ requiring a so-called “man in the middle” attack who should intercept data from a device before it reaches its destination server, or involves picking off traffic as it moves in between different devices and networks. An attack would grab the traffic and literally steal my username and password from that exchange. It’s literally standing between you and the system you want to access and stealing the credentials as you enter them.

Canada Revenue Agency affected.
The vulnerability posed by Heartbleed came to public attention this month but researchers say it may have existed for years. Security experts say Heartbleed may undermine security features of websites and networking equipment, but the extent of the damage isn’t known.

Canada Revenue Agency says it estimates the social insurance numbers of roughly 900 people were stolen from its systems through a six-hour breach before the CRA blocked public access to its online services last week.

Silver Medal for Canadian Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

Moscow. The American pair, Meryl Davis and Charlie White nail it! A very impressive performance from Davis-White pair, gives them a score of 116.63. They snatch the gold medal from the grasp of Canadian rivals Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir by 4.53 points. Silver for our Canadian pair and Bronze medal for Russian pair, Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Ilinykh.
The another Canadian pair, Kaitlyn Weaver and Ice dance partner Andrew Poje, of Waterloo, are seventh after the figure skating ice dance short and free program at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia with a score 169.11 points.



Waterloo’s Winter Family Festival: February 15 – 17 2014

Waterloo. Uptown Waterloo is a scene of Waterloo’s Winter celebration on the weekend as the annual Winterloo’s Winter Family Festival features a variety of family-oriented activities at outdoor and indoor venues.

Winterloo 2014, which began Saturday, runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, wrapping up on Family Day Monday. For 11 years, Winterloo’s Festival has delighted Canadian families with its great outdoor and indoor events. Making art out of ice at Winterloo is one of the main attractions for the community. The complete Program Schedule can be take a look here

Waterloo autumn maple leaf

Starting with Our Community

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Waterloo Region is located in Southern Ontario.
Reference: Waterloo Region is just a 1 hour drive from Toronto (Aprox. 100 kms).
The Region of Waterloo is made up of the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo, and the Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich.
Waterloo Region is a wonderful place to live, study, work, and make your investments.