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Why Even Elementary Schools Should Have School Mascots

When you think about school mascots, you might think about them at a high school or college level. In fact, many middle schools do not have a mascot at all. However, even schools with younger students can benefit from having a school mascot. These are a few reasons why you should consider looking for custom mascot costumes and implementing a mascot at your local elementary school. Learn more information and find additional resources at the Loonie Times website.

The Kids Love It

It’s all about the kids, and you might be surprised by just how excited some of the students at your elementary school might be about the idea of having a school mascot. It can be a great way to get the kids excited and to reward them for all of the hard work that they have been doing this school year.

It Can Boost School Spirit

It’s always a good idea if students, parents, teachers and people in the community are excited about and proud of the local school. One good way to boost school spirit throughout the school and in the community as a whole is by bringing in a great mascot. You might just be surprised by the difference that it can make in regards to the school spirit for your local elementary school.

It Can Improve School Events

Some school events, such as PTA meetings and assemblies, can sometimes get quite boring for students, teachers and parents alike. One good way to brighten up various types of school events is to bring in a mascot who can entertain everyone.

A school mascot won’t just improve the more boring and subdued events at your school, either. The mascot can also attend all sorts of school events, including field day, book fairs, sporting events and more. No matter what type of event your school might have planned, however, including the mascot can be a great way to make that event a whole lot more exciting and a whole lot more fun for everyone who is there.

It Can Make Your School More Memorable

Many elementary schools are rather forgettable. If you want your local school to be something that people will remember, bringing in a mascot can be a great way to do so. Then, even if people don’t actually remember the name of the school, they might just remember the mascot.

As you can see, if your child’s elementary school or the elementary school that you work at does not currently have a mascot, it could be a great way to implement one. You could even come up with a few ideas and allow the students to vote on their favorite. Then, you can look into having a custom mascot costume made for the new mascot.

Waterloo’s Winter Family Festival: February 15 – 17 2014

Waterloo. Uptown Waterloo is a scene of Waterloo’s Winter celebration on the weekend as the annual Winterloo’s Winter Family Festival features a variety of family-oriented activities at outdoor and indoor venues.

Winterloo 2014, which began Saturday, runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, wrapping up on Family Day Monday. For 11 years, Winterloo’s Festival has delighted Canadian families with its great outdoor and indoor events. Making art out of ice at Winterloo is one of the main attractions for the community. The complete Program Schedule can be take a look here