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Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim When the Action Was Unintentional?

After an injury accident, many people want to do what is fair and just for all involved, and because of this, many people struggle with issues of negligence. A negligent action may have seemingly been unintentional by the other party, but it nonetheless resulted in an injury or worse. In addition to the pain and suffering you experienced, you may have also been financially impacted by the incident. With a closer look at this area of the law, you may be able to better determine if you want to move forward with your case and hire a personal injury lawyer.

Determining Who Was at Fault
The first factor to consider when you may have a personal injury lawsuit is to determine who was at fault. While it may not initially appear that anyone was specifically at fault for a negligence event, there actually usually is fault for these events. For example, if a homeowner knew that his dog had a tendency to bite others and he failed to fix a hole in his fence where the dog escaped into the general public, this homeowner may be proven to be at fault due to his negligence. If a business failed to clean a wet spill on a floor that resulted in a slip and fall accident, the corporate entity may be to blame, or an individual worker who was aware of the spill may be to blame. In both cases, the individuals and entities may have insurance coverage to pay for liability cases.

Understanding the Impact of Negligence
Some people are initially opposed to hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent them with a legal matter in the case of negligence because they feel that the entire event was an accident and that nobody was to blame. However, negligence is a matter of an individual intentionally overlooking something important that resulted in the accident. This is not a matter of an accident that just happened, and instead, it is an accident that happened because someone else failed to act in the right way given specific circumstances.

Estimating the Financial Cost of the Incident to You
Another point to think about is the financial cost of the incident. The other party intentionally was negligent, and their inaction could have resulted in thousands of dollars or more in medical bills, lost wages, property repairs or even funeral expenses. When you tally up the total cost, the figure can be staggering.

A personal injury lawyer can answer all of your questions about negligence and can help you to determine if you have a case worth pursuing in court. You can set up an appointment for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer today. The information on the Claim Accident website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.