Home Health Care is a Reliable and Affordable Solution

Individuals with long-term illness, injuries, or disability enjoy the control and convenience of receiving health care from the comfort of their homes. Home health care is cost effective, flexible, and as effective as care offered in skilled nursing facilities or hospitals. In one way or another, home care has existed for nearly 200 years and continues to expand, offering specialized and reliable medical care to individuals at home.

Types of professional home health services

• Managing acute illness and monitoring unstable health status

• Injections

• Skilled care for surgical wounds or pressure sores

• Nutrition or intravenous therapy

• Educating patients and family caregivers

The relevance of home care

1. Access to reliable health care at home

With in-home care, the patients can stay in their homes and receive nursing care, instead of going to the doctor’s office or hospital on a regular basis for every medical intervention required. A reputable nursing agency will be responsible for addressing the complicated medical needs of patients.

2. Provision of help with activities of daily living

Home health care services allow patients to receive daily assistance with the personal care they require, upholding their dignity, and living a quality life. Activities of daily living may range from bathing, cleaning, to medication reminders.

3. Management of medication

Individuals who are on multiple prescriptions can get confused when managing their medications and, as a result, compromise their health. Fortunately, home care providers can make sure that the patient is taking the right medications at the specified time to manage health conditions and avert harmful drug interactions.

4. Provision of effective dieting and nutrition plan

Adults aged 65 and above, individuals with chronic illness, and those freshly discharged from a health care facility have a high likelihood of being nutritionally at-risk. Aging, illness, severe injuries, and bed rest can trigger a rapid weight loss. Home care professionals may prepare an ideal dieting and nutrition program to help the patient to recover from the illness. They can also provide nutritional counseling as well as home-cooked meals to protect the client against malnutrition.

What to expect from a home nursing agency

Valid license and certification: A reliable home care agency must hold a valid license. It should have highly trained and certified nurses. Additionally, the nurses should be members of at least one recognized association.

A comprehensive service menu: The Nursing agency must offer a broad range of services that suits the needs or demands of the patient. The nurses should update the doctor and family caregiver on the progress of the patient.

Provision of a written plan: Nurses should document every visit, activity, and treatment, and issue a copy of the documentation to the patient or family caregiver.

Home health care is a brilliant strategy for allowing patients to recover, heal, or receive special care and treatment in their homes. These processes require the assistance of a competent home care provider. In addition, home care minimizes unavoidable readmission to a medical facility. For more information, please check out the BrightStar Care website.

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